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04 JUL 2023: FFS III 323: Quiet Reflection
Hiatus is as hiatus does. Life happens and I'd eventually like to come back to doing regular updates, but I did have some spare time and it was around the 22nd anniversary, so I made a comic strip. I don't know when I'll be back for more but, I love all of you that still come to check out this silly little comic strip from time to time.
24 FEB 2022: FFS III 322: Silent Meditation
Finally getting over being sick for a few days and releasing another comic strip.
09 FEB 2022: TSZ 6.0 Intro & Trinity
New links on the Archive page to the TSZ 6.0 Splash Page and to the Fake FFS III Intro/Fake FFS II Epilogue.
04 FEB 2022: FFS III 321: Honest Knuckles' Discount Echidna Mounts
The creative juices are flowing today, and I generally don't sit on completed comics, so why not? Have a second comic today!
04 FEB 2022: FFS III 320: Oh, Brother.
That's a good question, ya know? Merging doesn't seem to be adding mass to anyone, so where is the extra matter/energy going? Answers and more questions to come in future comics!
26 JAN 2022: FFS III 319: Moose People
20 JAN 2022: FFS III 318: Break things
This is one of those long comics that isn't too long. I needed a lot of panels to convey some simple stuff, so you get an 18 panel comic. Hooray! Special thanks to @AkumaTh_MG for his custom Sticks sprite sheet.
07 JAN 2022: FFS III 317: When Shards Collide
No promises on an end to my hiatus, let's call it a semi-hiatus I guess. Either way, I banged on my keyboard and clicked my mouse a few times and this came out.
30 DEC 2021: FFS III 316: I know this place...
I couldn't let 2021 go by without a comic. Still on hiatus but here's a little something
04 SEP 2020: FFS III 315: Unkempt
I make comics sometimes. Here's one. I'll be back at some point later. <3 you all
04 JUL 2020: FFS III 314/FFS Retcon R018: Pong When They Ping
19 years ago I started this little comic. I don't update that often, but I do when I can and the inspiration strikes. I largely do it for myself and just enjoy the medium, but I appreciate and am humbled by everyone who has been entertained by my little comic. Today I'm presenting something a little different: two simultaneous comics. Enjoy and thank you.
04 JUN 2020: FFS III 313: Meditation
It's been an interesting time in my life I'm not really at the liberty to discuss, but I found some time to make a comic. Anyways, enjoy.
08 MAR 2020: FFS Retcon R017: FFS III 312.5
I'm back from a short break to bring a new comic. A big thank you to @Jumpman_MD for his hard work making the new SJ and Haley sprites based on the Mod.Gen Project Team's sprites.
11 FEB 2020: FFS III 312: Birth of a Civilization
The multiverse is destroyed and life goes on. Our cast has a lot on their plate all of the sudden and hopefully it will all go according to Knuckles' master plan.
07 FEB 2020: New Cast and Credits Page
Revamped cast page! Now there are cards for each character including sprite credits on each of them! The aggregated sprite credits have moved from the archive page to the cast&credits page. Hope you guys enjoy!
03 FEB 2020: FFS III 311: Uncontrolled Chaos
Here's the payoff for the teaser at the end of 310. This is a break from established canon of the various Sonic universes. In this one, Manic and Sonia are Sonic and Amy's kids from a parallel universe rather than Sonic's brother and sister.
30 JAN 2020: FFS III 310: Orientation
This one ended up long. It's also one that has a lot of text. It's sort of a recap but also insight into the FFS canon as it exists today. Please enjoy.
25 JAN 2020: FFS III 309: Inciting
Back from vacation and finally some time to make a comic. Should be able to do one or two a week for a while (I hope).
14 JAN 2020: FFS III 308: Prototypical
Sometimes when you assume you make an...well you know. Nova's withholding of information could have been useful or at least saved the party from some surprises. But maybe the surprises are more fun?
11 JAN 2020: FFS III 307: Improvisation
More story! More drama! More stupid jokes! This one was a bit of a longer comic, but there wasn't a good spot to break things up. Also, sprites. So many sprites.
09 JAN 2020: FFS III 306: Insert Metaphor Here
I seem to have the means and the ability to churn out some comics. I guess it helps make up for the big hiatus. Enjoy the feast while it lasts :D
07 JAN 2020: FFS III 305: Quick Rescue
The crew decided to take a quick detour and not miss a great opportunity. Only problem is nothing ever quite goes as fast as one thinks it will.
04 JAN 2020: FFS III 304: Man Squeezings
Guys, I can't sleep (ok, I can, just my mind is racing tonight/this morning). Too much creative energy going on, so I'm taking full advantage and I made another comic.
02 JAN 2020: FFS III 303: Infinite Cubed
I had a nice, quiet day at home this New Year's Day, so after playing a game of Zelda Randomizer, I spent some creative energy making another comic, and figured rather than sitting on it, I'd go ahead and upload it. Enjoy #303.
31 DEC 2019: FFS III 302: Immediate and Serious Regrets
As we're set to close out the 2010s, I thought it was finally time to see if I could finish another comic. Life has a lot of lessons in it and sometimes you just have to stop and decide to make time for something. This week I did that and sat down to finish the decade with new content. Once again, thanks everyone who still comes and takes a peek at this little comic every now and then.
16 JAN 2019: FFS III 301: Stay Calm
New Disc. New Sprites. Time for the crew to start putting pieces back together and what better way than getting the band back together.
08 JAN 2019: FFS III 300: A Multiverse Shattered
I figured I best use this energy and free time to finally get #300 out the door.
Everyone thank you so much for your support these past 17.5 years as I make this comic off and on. It's a lot of fun for me and I hope I can continue telling this story for years to come. Please enjoy FFS III 300.
04 JAN 2019: FFS III 299: *Thumbs Up*
No further comment.
31 DEC 2018: FFS III 298: Orthogonal Rupture
I resolved a few weeks ago I would make time to get something out by the end of the year so as to not to miss an entire calendar year again. I managed something indeed. Enjoy the comic!
12 DEC 2018: The Future of FFS III
Author SJ stands there and stares blankly at his outline for FFS III. He tilts his head to the side and looks at it from an angle as if that would help. He then rips it off the wall and balls it up into a wad and pitches it in the trash can.
Yeah this is no good. The set up through #297 is fine but I don't like the way #300 is shaping up. New plan and with a little luck at least one comic before the end of the year. I think it might be time to go back to ad-libbing.
31 JAN 2018: Status Update
It's been a while since I updated. I just wanted to let people know I'm not dead, I just haven't had the time in my life to work on the comic. The comic will return when I can put the proper time it deserves toward it.
09 NOV 2017: FFS III 297: Little Scrap
Quick update here. Just another comic. Haley got her face healed.
29 OCT 2017: FFS III 296: Vapowized
Quick update here. Just another comic. Haley got her face smashed.
25 OCT 2017: FFS III 295 & FFS: Retcon R016: Boss Fight in Progress
Ok, big update. First of all we have another side-by-side comic, this time staggered a little bit. Second of all, we have some new sprites! Shoutouts to all the people who worked on them or took the time to rip them. (More specific credits are on the Archive page.)
20 OCT 2017: FFS III 294: Get out and push?
Dude Knuckles may be stupid, but he's not a dopple-whatever. Just making sure you know that.
14 OCT 2017: FFS III 293: Salvaged.
Things are starting to heat up now. Also, we now know the power source of the TAMS...and it takes a lot of it.
09 OCT 2017: FFS III 292: Hug it out
Timelines are always dangerous to play with. Hopefully everything works out for the best, but that's probably not very interesting is it? >.> <.<
02 OCT 2017: FFS III 291: Habababiba
Let's continue, shall we?
Apparently Nova is having more emotional issues than she is letting on. Good for EVO and probably bad for whatever baddie EVO meets up with next. Enjoy!
30 SEP 2017: Squeaky Zone Productions 8.0
Welcome to the revamped site! I spent the last week rewriting the site and moving my webhosting. I've done it in stages, and it will take a while yet for the squeakyzoneproductions.com domain to move over, but the other two domains are on the new hosting. I built a framework and a special JSON parser so that I can do updates much more simply and quickly, and quite frankly, spend more time making comics! Enjoy the new experience. There should be a new comic in the next few days.
16 SEP 2017: Gone in a Flash
Squeaky Zone Productions no longer uses Adobe Flash as of this update. If you've been following my twitter feed, you'll likely know I've been converting the animated comics to a format that's YouTube friendly. That is now complete, and the six animated comics can now be viewed without fear of Flash h4x0rz.
The updated comics: 110 - 150 - 151 - 163 - 250 - 251
If you really, really miss flash, there's a download on the Comics Archive called "Old SWF Files" that has a zip of all the comics (and a few easter eggs)
04 JUL 2017: FFS III 290 & FFS: Retcon R015: Two stories, one strip.
It's been 16 years since I started this little comic strip. That's a long, long time. I wish I had more time to work on it, but such is life. I didn't want to miss the anniversary and I want to do something special since it's been so long. I present a rare glimpse of two concurrent stories occurring in the same place and time. I may do more of these in the future. Enjoy.
16 DEC 2016: FFS III 289: By the Fireplace...
Haley's fireplace lounge is nice. Can I have one in my house?
Also, shadows are hard...
08 DEC 2016: FFS III 288: Dread Locked
It appears Lady Knuckles is well... bat-crap crazy. More to come!
02 DEC 2016: FFS III 287: Maybe It'll Grow Back
So it's been 4 months.
You know how it goes. Not sure if this is going to be a thing or not, but I'm going to try to make regular comics again. This comic starts the arc to 300.
05 AUG 2016: FFS III 286: I Could Dye in Your Arms Tonight
SJ's a little impatient when it comes to fixing his hair and gets a little careless and rushed.Tara thinks this is quite amusing.
You'll probably also see some other graphical updates around the site.
29 JUL 2016: FFS III 285: Trips
His name is S3...
...because I'm not creative at all sometimes.
26 JUL 2016: FFS III 284: Budding Desire
Here's a comic - from the main storyline.
Ok, so EVO budded, right after Haley's tail incident. Also, Knuckles seems to be a little...well, ragey. We'll see how this works out.
22 JUL 2016: FFS: Retcon R014: FFS Abridged - Epilogue
Here's the final installment of FFS Abridged which largely takes place between FFS and FFS II. This was a fun diversion and I plan to go back to FFS III. Don't worry though, all the one-off stories I want to tell will continue to use the FFS Retcon moniker.
Additionally, there's a much needed update to the Cast page.
12 JUL 2016: FFS: Retcon R013: Nom Nom Nom
Don't hold your breath but I somehow managed to make another comic about a week after the previous one.
Here's FFS Abridged Part 10! There's one more comic left in this arc to wrap everything up, then I'm heading back to FFS III primarily.
04 JUL 2016: FFS: Retcon R012: Obey The Sign
It's been a busy few months and I haven't had a lot of time to make the comic. I managed to squeeze this one in and get it out just in time for the 15th anniversary of FFS.
29 MAR 2016: FFS: Retcon R011: A Case Of Very Intense Training
Hopefully all that Dewriffic Dew doesn't go to Tails' thighs.
I've noticed one of the things about compressing FFS is how beat up Sonic gets. I wonder what kind of insurance policy he has.
21 MAR 2016: FFS: Retcon R010: BUTTERFLY!
Have more comic!
12 MAR 2016: FFS: Retcon R009: How Do I Website?
So yeah...
Hi everyone. I'm SJ. Apparently there's this comic called Final Fantasy Sonic that I made at one point in time. Maybe I should do that again. >.> <.<
04 JUL 2015: FFS III 283: Much Better
Well, it's been about 6 months. I'm happy to resume the comic on this, the 14th anniversary of FFS #1. I'm not sure when exactly updates will be but I will do my best for weekly comics.
By popular request: I'm including the Tails vs. EVO midi that showed up back when the comics had music.
Thank you, and enjoy!
28 DEC 2014: FFS III 282: Be Back in a Minute
Comic making time has been few and far between. I'll do my best to update weekly in the new year, but you know how it goes.
Back to the main story!
30 NOV 2014: FFS: Retcon R008: Gut Feeling
I had turkey, played some WoW, made a comic. It was good long weekend.
See you guys in a week!
12 NOV 2014: FFS: Retcon R007: Let's Chat for a Minute
Ah, the timeline gets funky when things don't happen quite as you would expect.
This comic was intentionally delayed into midweek because I will be missing this Sunday's comic because WoW: Warlords of Draenor.
03 NOV 2014: FFS: Retcon R006: From Back East
Well, I'm a day later than anticipated, but here's a comic. It's nice to be able to have time to make these again. I had a challenge to take care of with a certain missing character from FFS in this comic. Hopefully I handled it well enough.
27 OCT 2014: I Quit!
Now that I finally have everything squared away, I can finally share everything that's going on. I've been unhappy at my current job for the past few months, so I've been focused completely on getting out and into something new. Today, I accepted an offer and will finally put this drama behind me. New comic likely on Sunday, November 2.
14 SEP 2014: FFS: Retcon R005 - I Still Gots Me A Kabob
Hey hey hey hey!
07 SEP 2014: FFS: Retcon R004 - FFS Abridged!
It is my pleasure to present the first of a multi-part series of FFS: Abridged - an updated, shorter version of Final Fantasy Sonic.
FFS III is on break while this arc is running.
24 AUG 2014: FFS III 281 - Abolutely Nothing.
EVO Jr. needs to quit worrying about his uncle's "interests"...hehheh
Probably a Retcon comic next time around. We'll see how I feel.
19 AUG 2014: FFS III 280 - Maybe if he pushes hard enough...
A little bit of less fourth-wall breaking FFS #59 retcon...among other modifications.
That do-it-yourself brig seems to be up too.
I wasn't terribly happy with the first version of this comic, so I redid it - hence the delay. There should be a regularly scheduled comic this Sunday.
10 AUG 2014: FFS III 279 - Throw him in the Brig
EVO Jr. may have bitten off more than he can chew...poor SJ though. He's along for the ride against his wishes.
03 AUG 2014: FFS III 278 - Crowded Heads
Sorry for missing last week, I had some personal issues to take care of.
Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming: EVO Jr. jumped inside SJ's head at some point; SJ really needs to pay attention to what's going on.
19 JUL 2014: FFS: Retcon R003 - Aeon is a Summon...get it?
Introducing Aeon...
Yeah that Aeon. He's back on the site...sorta.
13 JUL 2014: FFS III 277 - The Merging is Complete
This one was pretty fun. Look forward to my resolution of all the duplicate characters...heheheh
I won't be able to make a Sunday update next week, so there should be a comic on Thursday and another one Monday instead.
04 JUL 2014: FFS III 276; FFS: Retcon R002 - 13 Years of FFS
It's been a little over three months, but I'm back with two comics to kick things off.
Originally, FFS III 276 was going to go a little differently and be in Flash, but after set backs and just not being happy with how things were working out, I reworked my outline and instead went with the traditional panel comic.
Additionally, there's an FFS: Retcon update. I'm planning to update this more often. On Sundays I'll release either a new FFS III, FFS: Retcon, or one of each depending on how the various weeks treat me. The latest FFS III will take the main page and FFS: Retcon will show up with that other link above.
Normal updates to resume Sunday, July 13.
25 FEB 2014: FFS III 275 - End of Disc 1
Here's a special update to close out this chapter.
I'm going on a comic break for a little while. I'll make some status updates here and there, but no FFS III for a few weeks. There may possibly be some FFS: Retcon content, but I'm not sure yet.
Thanks everyone, and I will return!
24 FEB 2014: FFS III 274 - I Hate the Flu
So after my little break, I got pretty sick and had to take some time to recover. Just basically a hard case of the flu. I'm better now, so here's a comic!
Enjoy #274.
I'm taking a real break after #275. It'll be at least a month, I think. I have some stuff to sort out and just don't have the time at the moment to do the comic too. I need to figure out exactly how I'm going to tell the rest of this story, so I could use a break to really think it over.
02 FEB 2014: FFS III 273 - Super Groundhog Day
I took a mini-hiatus. It's been a weird couple of weeks.
Anyway, Enjoy #273!
12 JAN 2014: FFS III 272 - And Make Sure You're In Bed By 8:00!
My schedule has gotten to the point where it's too crazy to try to release the comics during the week, so now the new release date is Sunday.
This is a pretty special comic for me. It marks the 100th comic since returning to FFS II with #173 on October 20, 2012. Thanks to all who enjoy it and support this little hobby.
03 JAN 2014: FFS III 271 - Who's your daddy?
The comic's late, sorry about that.
But anyways, Happy New Year!
26 DEC 2013: FFS III 270 - ...Or a Transformer
Well, Merry Christmas everyone. After a pretty busy couple of weeks I'm back! Comics should proceed on schedule at a minimum, and if things go according to plan, I'll make up the missing two comics to get back on schedule.
Anyway, enjoy #270!
05 DEC 2013: FFS III 269 - He Looks Kinda Like a Jawa
Ominous guy in a cloak, yep.
27 NOV 2013: FFS III 268 - Let's Talk Turkey
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
I'm taking the night off tomorrow, so no regularly scheduled Thursday FFS III. Instead, you can have it a day early!
21 NOV 2013: FFS III 267 - Tonight on Nova...
Slipping this one in just before midnight... wee!
I'm having a little fun with some side character development. Nova's going to be an interesting variation of Tara for the future comics (and probably Retcon eventually).
14 NOV 2013: FFS III 266 - Hey Baby!
Ah, Sonic needs to find himself a girlfriend :)
Also, there's probably another Retcon comic in the not-too-distant future.
08 NOV 2013: FFS III 265 - Roll In The Hay
Comic's a little late, sorry about that. Traffic was pretty sucky today.
Anyways, Knuckles seems to be enjoying this a little too much.
31 OCT 2013: FFS III 264 - Let's Play Dress Up
Nothing like an epic scarf.
Happy Halloween everyone!
24 OCT 2013: FFS III 263 - The Fox Named Michael
When this baby hits 88 miles per hour...
20 OCT 2013: FFS III 262 - Strong Quiet Type
Well, it's been a year since I returned to the comic. In that year, the main story arc has had 90 comics.
Thanks for reading everyone!
17 OCT 2013: FFS III 261 - Poit!
I think something might seriously be wrong with the universe. It seems to be vanishing and taking anything with it.
Then Haley tripped...
14 OCT 2013: FFS 147, 148, 150 Updates
I haven't been happy with FFS 147 and 148 as Flash movies for a long time. I barely knew how to work with Flash back then and their age really shows. As such after months of debating, I have decided to remove them as Flash movies. They have been remade as sprite comics (using screenshots and source files) and I think they fit better with the comic as a whole. 147 comes in at 10 panels; 148 comes in at 12 panels.
On the other hand, while I would probably do much better with it today, I'm happy with FFS 150 as a Flash movie, so I went back through it and touched up some things, removing a lot of the aliases for real names whereever possible and cleaning up some of the references. I also fixed/removed some of the links at the end.
Please check them out and feel free to let me know what you think!
147 - 148 - 150
14 OCT 2013: FFS III 260: The Merging is Complete
How's about a main storyline update on not a Thursday? Would that be alright?
Making up for Thursday. Enjoy!
10 OCT 2013: FFS II 174 (scrapped version): Cough cough
I've been sick this week, so the comic is delayed, but fear not, because I have an update! (Did You Know featurette related.)
Did You Know? FFS II 174 and 175 were originally planned to be a single 9-minute Flash Animation. I managed to animate about 2 minutes of it before getting plagued by various setbacks and eventual loss of interest. Ultimately, I scrapped the whole thing and rewrote the script to span the comics from 173 through 181. This update shows a small part of what I animated. I might release more later!
03 OCT 2013: FFS III 259 - Should Have Looked There First
New Week, New Comic.
See ya next week!
26 SEP 2013: FFS III 258 - Great Scott!
So after Knuckles gets his head put back on straight, it's time for storytime in Haley's contraption.
I finally finished the archive! Check it out to the right.
Also, embedded Twitter!
19 SEP 2013: FFS III 257 - Tara Firma
Back to our regularly scheduled programming.
The Taras have some idea - hopefully you understand where this is going.
12 SEP 2013: Off Week
No comic this week.
New comic next week!
05 SEP 2013: FFS III 256 - Hit the Showers
Haley needs a brush or three now...
So the Futurama finale was pretty awesome last night. I did that instead of a comic. >.>
29 AUG 2013: FFS III 255 - Oh yeah, and Tara's there too.
Tara seems to be up to speed now.
Still working on the new archive. I might be able to get it up over the weekend. It should combine the storyline into a single page.
22 AUG 2013: FFS III 254 - Some Honeymoon...
Haley's head must be spinning by now. I wonder what the honeymoon was like...
I'm kicking around a Retcon idea, so that might show up in the next few days.
15 AUG 2013: FFS III 253 - Back in the Closet
Really sorry about missing the update last week. Paint Shop Pro decided I didn't need a save function, so every time I tried to save, weird behavior was happening. Since I run the comic making stuff on a virtual machine, I was able to restore to a previous version and get everything working again. Hopefully, I'm back on schedule and might even be able to post a make up comic.
I don't have the new format finished for the archives, so for now there's a makeshift one up above. The new archive will have all the comic links on a single page and should be along soon.
01 AUG 2013: FFS III 252 - Did everything just taste purple for a second?
And the new story begins! You might have some questions; you'll find out more in the coming comics.
That said, for now updates will be on Thursdays. I may add a second day of the week as I get more comfortable with the new changes.
New archive pages to come as well. For now, FFS III 251 is on the same page as FFS II 250.
26 JUL 2013: FFS Retcon R001
Here we go! Enjoy!
Also, FFS III 252 next Thursday.
09 JUL 2013: Little Pruning, etc.
Time to prune the news on this page. You can find all the old FFS II related news at the FFS II News Archive.
Final Fantasy Sonic III returns with comic 252 on Thursday, August 1. I haven't nailed down how often I will update or on which days yet, so stay tuned for that.
Also, after some consideration, I've decided to create another series to run concurrent with FFS III - Final Fantasy Sonic: Retcon. It will not be updated on a schedule, but just provide some additional sidestories from the FFS universe.
04 JUL 2013: FFS II 250 - 12 (Broken) Years Of FFS!
Thank you everyone! Good night!

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