On December 21, 1999, a young teen named David Eakes wrote the first version of the site known then as The Squeaky Zone launched at Tripod. It began as a fan site for Sonic the Hedgehog, Dragon Ball, Mega Man, and Final Fantasy, and some various fan art of Squeaks - later called Harry in Final Fantasy Sonic II. As traffic grew, the site was split into "Sectors" and distributed among multiple Tripod sites with the HTML equivalent of duct tape. In March of 2000, Squeaks, Jr. or SJ was created as a reboot of Squeaks. Additional artwork of SJ became prevalent on The Squeaky Zone. During the Fall of 2000, David used The Squeaky Zone as an amateur opinion site covering the controversial 2000 Presidential Election in the United States.Then, on July 4, 2001, the first Final Fantasy Sonic was created. Comics were uploaded more or less daily the rest of 2001. At the end of 2001, David joined Dirty Power, Inc. (which would later become the now defunct as a staff member, Final Fantasy Sonic and by extension The Squeaky Zone enjoyed a surge of popularity until mid-2002 when daily bandwidth constraints of Tripod finally began shutting down The Squeaky Zone in the evenings. After a few failed moves, and the registration of the domain, eventually pay webhosting was purchased and The Squeaky Zone migrated to Soon after, staff members joined The Squeaky Zone and would come and go until the end of 2007. (Thank you to Miriam Binda, Matt Kolbe, Chris Lange, Tyson Hesse, Alexial Golden, and Bengoshia for your contributions over that time span.) At the end of 2007, David went on hiatus, but minimally maintained The Squeaky Zone until September 19, 2012 when the name was officially changed to Squeaky Zone Productions and version 7.0 was launched. Regular updates continued until 2014. Sporadic updates continued until Flash was removed in favor of embeded Youtube videos and the site was rewritten in September of 2017...


On July 4, 2001, David Eakes messed around with some sprite sheets and some word bubbles in JASC Paint Shop Pro 7 and Final Fantasy Sonic (aka FFS) was born - the amalgam of Japanese RPG using Sonic characters (pre-dating that other similarly named Flash series by over three years). On July 4, 2002, Final Fantasy Sonic II launched as a continuation of the original (chronologically released between FFS 137 and 138). FFS II updated occasionally through 2007 when David went on hiatus until October 20, 2012 when the bulk of the story outline was scrapped and rewritten. Approaching mid-2013, David announced the end of the series and the start of another, code named Trinity to launch at the end of FFS II. Beginning in February of 2013, hints began to be dropped that Trinity was in reality Final Fantasy Sonic III another continuation of the series. On July 4, 2013 FFS II ended and FFS III had its big reveal. On July 26, 2013, Final Fantasy Sonic: Retcon launched as a comic concurrent with FFS III to be used for side-stories and revisions of the series. In September of 2017, the comics animated in Flash were converted from SWF to embedded Youtube videos. Final Fantasy Sonic continues...


That largely depends on what your frame of reference is. All of it is canon when referring to itself from the highest level. Obviously, it's a fan-fiction, so it's not canon in any licensed sense. The FFS: Retcon series "Final Fantasy Sonic: Abridged" replaced the entirety of Final Fantasy Sonic #1-#150 as canon for a while. To some the reason this was necessary is obvious, but to those not privy, I'm not able to discuss why at this time. Sorry. Once Final Fantasy Sonic III #300 happened the prior storyline was rendered unimportant to the future of the series as #300 represents a reset to all causality.


He's not very interesting, just go back and enjoy FFS. :D


Oh man. This question. Psy (real name Bryon Beaubien) and I had a personal falling out around about 2007 if I remember correctly. Later on the allegations against him became public. Not sure what I'm talking about? Google his name. I'll wait...
...see what I mean? I'm not here to pass judgement on him or give any sort of opinion. I'm also not going to go back and change old comics to remove his character. Whichever the case, I don't condone anyone doing what he is alleged to have done.

Miriam and I dated a while back and broke up. Aside from that I'd like to keep the matter private. I do appreciate all her support and her content back then on the site.

Rittz (real name Tyson Hesse) went pro, and I mean really pro. He deserves a lot of thanks for Sonic's new redesign in the live action movie as well as some stellar Sonic Mania cartoon work. I'm a huge fan of his work and hosting Sonic ARGH was a big honor for me.


Thanks Internet. Thanks for holding on to everything in history ever. Back when we were silly teenagers, I let Miriam have a subsite for her comic YASSSC (Yet Another Stupid Sonic Sprite Comic) and I pretty much let her have free rein of what she wanted to post. One of those things she posted was a screen cap photoshop edit from Sonic X with Sonic looking on in shock as Tails and Amy shared an ...intimate moment. She slapped her subsite URL on it. To be clear I thought and still think the image in question is hilarious, but it comes from another era of the Intarwebs, and typing in the URL just gets you my 404 page, and that's absolutely intentional.

TLDR: Miriam photoshopped a silly image with her URL on it. Her website no longer exists. Have a laugh and try not to think about it too hard.
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