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11 Feb 2020: FFS III 312: Birth of a Civilization
The multiverse is destroyed and life goes on. Our cast has a lot on their plate all of the sudden and hopefully it will all go according to Knuckles' master plan.
07 FEB 2020: New Cast and Credits Page
Revamped cast page! Now there are cards for each character including sprite credits on each of them! The aggregated sprite credits have moved from the archive page to the cast&credits page. Hope you guys enjoy!
03 FEB 2020: FFS III 311: Uncontrolled Chaos
Here's the payoff for the teaser at the end of 310. This is a break from established canon of the various Sonic universes. In this one, Manic and Sonia are Sonic and Amy's kids from a parallel universe rather than Sonic's brother and sister.
30 JAN 2020: FFS III 310: Orientation
This one ended up long. It's also one that has a lot of text. It's sort of a recap but also insight into the FFS canon as it exists today. Please enjoy.
25 JAN 2020: FFS III 309: Inciting
Back from vacation and finally some time to make a comic. Should be able to do one or two a week for a while (I hope).

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