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04 JUL 2023: FFS III 323: Quiet Reflection
Hiatus is as hiatus does. Life happens and I'd eventually like to come back to doing regular updates, but I did have some spare time and it was around the 22nd anniversary, so I made a comic strip. I don't know when I'll be back for more but, I love all of you that still come to check out this silly little comic strip from time to time.
24 FEB 2022: FFS III 322: Silent Meditation
Finally getting over being sick for a few days and releasing another comic strip.
09 FEB 2022: TSZ 6.0 Intro & Trinity
New links on the Archive page to the TSZ 6.0 Splash Page and to the Fake FFS III Intro/Fake FFS II Epilogue.
04 FEB 2022: FFS III 321: Honest Knuckles' Discount Echidna Mounts
The creative juices are flowing today, and I generally don't sit on completed comics, so why not? Have a second comic today!
04 FEB 2022: FFS III 320: Oh, Brother.
That's a good question, ya know? Merging doesn't seem to be adding mass to anyone, so where is the extra matter/energy going? Answers and more questions to come in future comics!

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