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20 JAN 2022: FFS III 318: Break things
This is one of those long comics that isn't too long. I needed a lot of panels to convey some simple stuff, so you get an 18 panel comic. Hooray! Special thanks to @AkumaTh_MG for his custom Sticks sprite sheet.
07 JAN 2022: FFS III 317: When Shards Collide
No promises on an end to my hiatus, let's call it a semi-hiatus I guess. Either way, I banged on my keyboard and clicked my mouse a few times and this came out.
30 DEC 2021: FFS III 316: I know this place...
I couldn't let 2021 go by without a comic. Still on hiatus but here's a little something
04 SEP 2020: FFS III 315: Unkempt
I make comics sometimes. Here's one. I'll be back at some point later. <3 you all
04 JUL 2020: FFS III 314/FFS Retcon R018: Pong When They Ping
19 years ago I started this little comic. I don't update that often, but I do when I can and the inspiration strikes. I largely do it for myself and just enjoy the medium, but I appreciate and am humbled by everyone who has been entertained by my little comic. Today I'm presenting something a little different: two simultaneous comics. Enjoy and thank you.

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