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14 OCT 2017: FFS III 293: Salvaged.
Things are starting to heat up now. Also, we now know the power source of the TAMS...and it takes a lot of it.
09 OCT 2017: FFS III 292: Hug it out
Timelines are always dangerous to play with. Hopefully everything works out for the best, but that's probably not very interesting is it? >.> <.<
02 OCT 2017: FFS III 291: Habababiba
Let's continue, shall we?
Apparently Nova is having more emotional issues than she is letting on. Good for EVO and probably bad for whatever baddie EVO meets up with next. Enjoy!
30 SEP 2017: Squeaky Zone Productions 8.0
Welcome to the revamped site! I spent the last week rewriting the site and moving my webhosting. I've done it in stages, and it will take a while yet for the squeakyzoneproductions.com domain to move over, but the other two domains are on the new hosting. I built a framework and a special JSON parser so that I can do updates much more simply and quickly, and quite frankly, spend more time making comics! Enjoy the new experience. There should be a new comic in the next few days.
16 SEP 2017: Gone in a Flash
Squeaky Zone Productions no longer uses Adobe Flash as of this update. If you've been following my twitter feed, you'll likely know I've been converting the animated comics to a format that's YouTube friendly. That is now complete, and the six animated comics can now be viewed without fear of Flash h4x0rz.
The updated comics: 110 - 150 - 151 - 163 - 250 - 251
If you really, really miss flash, there's a download on the Comics Archive called "Old SWF Files" that has a zip of all the comics (and a few easter eggs)

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